Our Firefighter Job Academy Course

This is a start to finish course that will cover every phase in the Firefighter hiring process. You know that it is EXTREMELY difficult this day in age to become a career Firefighter.  Many great people fail to become a Firefighter because they simply don’t know how to master the game of getting this job.  We’ve heard you and built a course to help you know what to expect in every phase of the job try outs. The great thing about this course is we’ve designed it for any aspiring Firefighter.

Who needs this course?

  • Aspiring Firefighters who have no training or education yet.
  • People who want to learn how exactly you become a Firefighter with little to no college expenses
  • Aspiring Firefighters who have tried to become a Firefighter but can’t quite score high enough to get the job. We will help you improve your scores and become a serious candidate for any Firefighter job!

So what do we teach in this course?

This course is broke down into 5 “Phases”. Each phase has multiple lessons on that phase. (see image next to this)

We have so much material for each phase, you’ll love it!  We will leave you extremely knowledgeable and prepared for every phase of the Firefighter hiring process!

If you have aspirations to become a Career Firefighter this is the only course online today teaching this material! If you are a serious candidate you can’t afford to miss this upcoming course!

How Much Time Is Required?

The great thing about this course is that you can sit down and get it all done in a week or two, or you can take more time. We recommend you spend about 7 weeks in this course. We give you so much information that you will need time to digest it, come back and then make sure you’re ready.

We offer quizzes in the course to see how you are doing. They will help you know how well you are doing in each section.  (Don’t worry, a passing grade is not required. It’s for your own self awareness.)