About Me


My name is Brennan and I’ve got the best job in the world. I am a career Firefighter/Paramedic.  It was not easy to get this job, but I got it after a lot of hard work.

I wont lie, I made a lot of mistakes while I was trying to become a full time Firefighter.  I want to share with others what I learned and what it takes. This website is created to teach you how to go from being an aspiring firefighter to a career firefighter. I want to do this by educating you on what it takes and teaching you about the hiring process. So many aspiring firefighters don’t understand the hiring process and get frustrated when they don’t finish at the top of the list. I’m here to give you information on this and help you learn everything! I want you to #becomefulltime!

My hope is that I can help others Become Full Time. You won’t find another website like this. I am working hard on producing useful content for you.

Thank you and please explore around. If you want to ask a questions feel free to contact me and shoot me a message!




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